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Produced exclusively from premium-quality potatoes, our specialty formed hash brown products deliver rich, potato taste in every bite. And because of the extended holding time they keep their heat and crispness so well. For the convenience of any size family we offer a full range of serving sizes, which can cover your menu from morning to night. Plus, they are seasoned just right to complement any menu.

*Patty count may vary based on weight

UPC Code
Description Package Per Case Net Case Weight
44857-00601 40oz. Sleeve 12 Sleeves 30 lbs
44857-00603 24oz. Sleeve 16 Sleeves 24 lbs
44857-00605 5 lbs Inst. Bag Bulk 30 lbs
44857-00608 80oz. Club Pack 6 Sleeves 30 lbs
44857-00609 15oz. Tray Pack 24 Trays 22.50 lbs
44857-00610 24oz. Bag 12 Bags 18 lbs
44857-00612 27oz. Tray Pack 12 Trays 20.25 lbs

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24 oz. Bag

24 oz. Sleeve

27 oz. Tray Pack

40 oz. Sleeve

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